Know myths related to eating eggs and their truth

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If you also like to eating eggs or you also consume eggs, then know these myths related to it. Because due to these myths, doubts will always remain in your mind while consuming eggs, so let’s know. In this Blog Healthy Fuel bust all myths about eggs.

Eggs are an important part of the diet of fitness-conscious and gym-going people. Because eggs are considered the best source of protein and it is also available at a very affordable price. It is full of nutritious elements and is easily made in less time. It can be easily boiled and eaten by making an omelet. Egg consumption is considered better for health, but there are some myths about it. Because of which many people feel that consuming eggs can harm their health. Let us know about these myths related to eggs, which create confusion among people.

Here are some myths and truths about eating eggs

Egg acne causes

It is one of the biggest myths among people that this egg is the reason for pimples on your face. While this is completely false, unless you are allergic to eggs, eggs are not the cause of your acne or pimples. Eggs are rich in healthy fats and proteins, which help you get healthy and beautiful skin.

Watch this: Busting Myths About Eating Eggs

Egg yolk bad for the health

Egg yolk is considered the healthiest. Egg yolks are a source of good fats and proteins, which are essential for building healthy muscles and bones. But it is always advised to consume egg yolk in limited quantities as it can increase your metabolism.

Eating eggs and milk causes indigestion

Hardly anyone knows that both eggs and milk are good sources of protein. It contains protein along with fats and amino acids, which are essential for your body to function efficiently. Hence, consuming both milk and eggs together is an easy way to balance your daily protein intake.

Egg is not good for kidney

The biggest myth associated with eggs is that it is harmful to your kidney or kidney health. If you consume one or two eggs daily then it is healthy for you, just keep in mind that the egg is not spoiled or rotten, and there is no foul smell coming from it. Egg white can improve the level of good proteins in the body and in turn prevent kidney disorders.

Eggs are responsible for increasing cholesterol

If your cholesterol level is already high, then try to consume egg yolk in limited quantity. But there is no harm due to the presence of good proteins and amino acids in the white part of the egg yolk. Also, take a balanced diet and avoid overeating, which is not good for your health. Being allergic to eggs, you will not have any problem in digesting them.

eat eggs during pregnancy

Women should not eat eggs during pregnancy

Truth- It is believed that a woman should not eat eggs during pregnancy. This can cause allergies and other problems to her unborn child. However, to date there is no research to support this myth. Therefore, pregnant women need not unnecessarily restrict their diet. Eggs contain many nutrients that are beneficial for pregnant women. However, if you have any complications in your pregnancy or have any doubts, you can consult your gynecologist regarding the same.

Egg Yolk

Avoid egg yolk if you want to lose weight

Truth: This is also a popular myth, which is believed by most of the people. Some people do not eat egg yolk for fear of getting fat. In fact, the yolk contains additional protein and other useful substances such as vitamin D that contribute to the absorption of calcium. They also contain choline which ensures good liver function. If you consume an egg for breakfast daily, then due to the rich amount of protein, your stomach remains full for a long time and in this way you avoid overeating and your calorie count is also less. Due to this ultimately you lose weight.

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